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By the way. Did you know that you can eliminate your Frontier lines,  and the  aggravation and  billing issues with Frontier?
We have  helped many companies  such as real estate management firms, healthcare , and many others  create one bill for all their Verizon/Frontier lines . We can also embed the cost center associated into the bill. We  do all this and lower the monthly cost as  well.
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Because his IT director eliminated his Frontier and  Verizon lines, and moved 90% of his servers, and phones to the cloud, while eliminating capex from future budgets. At the same time, IT implemented a cloud based Disaster recovery plan, and is geographically diverse.
Call us and discover if one of our consulting services in conjunction with our partners, which include Verizon, AT&T, Evolve and many others can provide cost-effective solutions for you.
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