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The Top Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Businesses Working Remotely

The Top Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Businesses Working Remotely

Microsoft Teams is transforming collaboration in the workplace.  Teams is a web-based collaboration and workspace platform that brings together employees to collaborate, meet and communicate on projects no matter where they are. Teams allows participants to access many different tools and programs within a single window to assist them to work as effectively as possible, such as: creating, sharing, modifying, and storing content.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams was initially designed for the U.S. market to complement the work from home phenomenon which is growing in popularity across companies in the tech industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has hastened the shift to a work-from-home business model and a trend that is likely here to stay. The Top Benefits of Microsoft Teams Because of the benefits of Microsoft Teams, more companies are taking full advantage of this cross-platform collaborative tool. For example, Salesforce has recently launched its own version of Teams, which is known as MS Teams. Salesforce has built its collaboration tools on the back of its existing video conferencing platform, which allows its members to share information with each other across multiple locations. The second major benefit of Microsoft Teams is the ease of use.

Since most people familiar with working in the office or large organizations would already be comfortable with the basic functions, there is little else to learn, especially if a business has a staff that is largely Millennial and Gen X. Plus, the majority of the functionality of the tool comes automatically installed with the program. This means that participants simply need to log into the platform and make use of all of the features, which include video calls, group meetings, document sharing, audio conferencing, online sharing of documents, screen sharing, and many others. Another benefit is the simplicity of operation. Teams have evolved to a point where it is easy for any individual to log on and start using it. The process of making a video call, for example, does not involve the use of specialized technical skills, as many organizations might find it necessary to do. In one place, all of the functionality is combined into one neat interface. Rather than being required to know how to use individual platforms at each workplace, all employees can simply make use of the same common interface, which provides a high degree of collaboration, speed, and security. Collaborate Better than Ever Before Yet, another of the many business benefits of what is Microsoft Teams is the ability to incorporate advanced collaboration tools into this productivity suite.

One of the most popular new features is what is called “task collaboration”. With this new feature, participants are able to easily work on multiple projects without being present in the same meeting. All meetings are automatically saved, and the same group can be specified to have access to specific conversations or documents. With these and other new features, it is clear that Microsoft Teams has substantially improved upon its predecessors. Of course, there are many more features that Microsoft Teams offers that make it an outstanding solution for many businesses. However, the fact that it is open source and can be used by millions of users without any fees makes it a compelling option for those who might want to leverage its technology. Those who are already using Microsoft Office would find that integrating what is Microsoft Teams with their existing systems is incredibly straightforward and easy. If you would like to learn more about adopting Microsoft Teams in your organization, then contact Applied Consulting Group today on setting up your company’s new virtual collaboration program.

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