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You dont need 17 passwords if you use our channel partners applications for virtual desktop.
With one login you access all you apps wherever they reside. Also this is from one of our clients using this as well as pother services.

From an email by an IT director of a 700+ person CPA firm to a client asking for an IT/telecom referral.
My Company, Applied Consulting Group was recommended to this client of this CPA firm.

Hello, James, all good here hope you are well.

Absolutely, listed below is the name of the company including the representatives they would need to contact. They are my main contacts. Best people I have ever worked with and known them for decades. They also provide our telco services, internet services, virtual servers, disaster recovery, backup services, Office 365, Cisco Umbrella, VPN, all of our Firewalls, SDWan, our new Citrix workspace, and of course hosted VoIP for all of our offices. Basically, they are the backbone of our firm. I trust them with my life. If your nonprofit needs some guidance or help I would gladly do so for you.

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