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Hosted VoIP: the Optimal Solution
for SMBs
Although there are several options for VoIP deployment, hosted
VoIP services are almost always the best solution for SMBs.
Hosted VoIP services allow SMBs to enjoy VoIP functionality that
would not otherwise be ordable. And because VoIP service
providers assume responsibility for system maintenance, SMBs
don’t have to devote limited IT resources towards telephony.
Because the service provider takes care of most VoIP operations,
hosted VoIP solutions are usually easy to implement. This is
especially true if you utilize plug-and-play VoIP telephones.
Here’s why hosted VoIP is the ideal solution for SMBs:
1. Hosted VoIP is relatively easy to install. Once the network is up
and running, new lines can be added easily. This is a signicant
benet for growing businesses.
2. The provider assumes all responsibility for hardware
maintenance and upgrades, eliminating a major source of
resource consumption. Businesses can access the latest
technology without investing in new hardware themselves.
Hardware does not take up physical space that requires security.
3. Costs for hosted VoIP services are predictable. Most hosted
VoIP service providers operate on a monthly subscription model.
Telecommunications can more easily be incorporated into your
business’ overall business.
4. SMBs receive access to a disaster recovery (DR) plan that is on
par with what large enterprises utilize. In the event of a
disruption of service, businesses will be able to recover.


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