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Insurance Risk Analysis

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Insurance Risk Analysis

Our affiliated risk management consultants recognize the inherent conflict of interest that exists between the company buying insurance and their insurance brokers, agents or insurance companies who are driven by the need to sell insurance products.

As risk management professionals, who do not sell insurance, these consultants provide objective and unbiased advice to clients to identify risk and assist in the reduction of the total cost of risk in the areas of insurance coverage, claims administration and settlement, and contract issues in all areas of the client’s  business. 

For example, the consultants will audit your insurance program to recommend the implementation of the most optimal and cost effective risk management programs available in the insurance marketplace based on risk management strategies that may not be recommended by your insurance providers.

A CASE HISTORY; A Florida Landscaping Client sought our insurance risk partners assistance in monitoring a large workers’ compensation claim. As the result of a work-related back injury, the employee needed surgery. Unfortunately, the hospital at issue had a roof leak, from water which seeped into the operating room. During the employee’s spinal surgery, he contracted a debilitating infection from the leak. The reserve on the claim was $1,000,000. Our partner was successful in arguing the merits of the subrogation and having the reserve lowered to $300,000, passing along much of the liability to the Hospital. Upon settlement of the action the reserve was lowered to reflect the $150,000 settlement amount. We then notified the rating bureau for the Client to assure these figures were promptly and accurately submitted for a much-improved experience modification calculation. Result – Significant savings over a three-year term of the modification.


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