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Water Sewer Consults

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Huge Potential Savings

You may be surprised to know that this is an area where we have discovered some of the greatest savings for our clients. Not only do we perform the functions normally associated with electric and natural gas auditing, but we are expert in finding and repairing leaks and securing significant refunds/credits. We examine your local water utility tariff, as well as all your utility bills, to determine if you are in the correct rate group. Many times we have secured reduced bills on a go forward basis for our clients due to an incorrect rate group assignment by the water utility.

Finding & Fixing Water Leaks

Whether your leak is above or below ground, we will find it without disturbing your premises. We have a terrific track record finding the most difficult leaks found in: Condominiums, Hotels, Offices/Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities, Schools, Municipal Water Systems, Apartment Complexes, and Golf Complexes.

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What can Applied Consulting Group do for you?

  • Rapid response by our experienced team
  • Timely solutions for your leak issues.
  • Proven technology using state-of-the-art equipment

We devote the required resources to provide a rapid solution to your leak problem. We also negotiate with the water utility to secure the appropriate refunds and credits to compensate you for your financial loss due to the increased water consumption. We have ALWAYS secured a refund or credit for our clients.

Considered the pioneer in water leak detection, we offer consultant service to plumbers, other leak detection firms, private businesses, and community organizations that strive to understand the complexities and costs associated with water loss. Our job is to find savings for you by finding and fixing water leaks. Clients can consider our name for water and sewer bill auditing and water sewer consultation.


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