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Voice Over Internet Protocol

Reduce Costs and Increase Functionality with VoIP systems. For business enterprises, VoIP reduces costs for maintenance, equipment, manpower, and lines. Forget multiple PBX (Private Branch Exchange) tie lines. Integrate and simplify all of your telephone communications.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Wherever you are on the road to a cost effective, efficient Telephone Solution, Applied Telecom Solutions can guide you toward your goals of saving money, understanding your contracts, and the comfort of knowing you are utilizing the best Telecom Options available.

Are you ready to reduce the overhead costs for your company and save money on future IT and maintenance costs?

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Hosted Call Centers

  • Unify and Simplify Your Call Center Operations
  • Enjoy Voice & Data Services With Multiple Integration
  • Support Unexpected Peaks with Limitless Call Capacity
  • 24/7 Maintenance and Management With No Geographic Boundaries
  • Significantly Reduce Costs With NO Capital Expenditure
  • No hardware. No Software.

Unify and Simplify

A Call Center enables businesses to unify and simplify their call center operations with a turn-key hosted solution with:

  • Advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distributer) Features
  • Advanced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Voice and Data Services
  • Multiple Integration
  • Upgrade Options
  • 24/7/365 Management and Maintenance

Call Today: 1 (877) 208-0021

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Enterprise Class Solution

The Call Center is designed to provide an Enterprise-class call center solution for small to mid-sized Call Centers (5 -500 agents) anywhere in the world, with no hardware, software, or up-front capital expenditure.


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