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The new reality for CPA and Legal firms’ office IT infrastructure

We have consulted for 3 of the top 15 CPA firms in the New Jersey metro area, one with over 750 users, as  well as many law firms, one with 47 US offices and 7 foreign offices. Our no fee based consulting has;

  • Reduced IT overhead with Cloud Services; with on premise servers you have no scalability. In other words, you pay for computing power/software licensing you may only need during your busy season.
  • Improved operations by moving telecom and IT to the Cloud
  • Allowed their IT departments to think strategically and better serve their staff and management
  • These 3 firms have monthly OPEX between $18,000.00 and over $100,00.00 per month on cloud services from our various Channel partners such as Microsoft TEAMS and Cisco telecom, and  Evolveip.
  • .This spend represents savings from their previous on-premise IT/telecom solution. It also eliminates CAPEX, and periodic upgrades and replacement of IT infrastructure
  • We have other firms that spend as little as $800.00 per month for their Cloud  services. We  consult with all businesses. 
      Paul Reed Steberger, President


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