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Are Your Utility Bills Correct?

Who Checks Them for Accuracy? Can You or Your Staff Can Keep Track? We Have 38+ Years of Experience Solving Problems Just Like Yours. Click the video at left to quickly understand what we can do for you, email prs@auaus.net

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Expert Service

7 of 10 initial appointments become engagements with our group. Take advantage of the expert services provided by our groups’ associates. Email prs@auaus.net.

25 Years Of Helping Companies

For over 25 years we have helped companies large and small determine how best to keep up with telecom, and IT technology.  Gartner Reports states that “80% of all companies will have some or all services in the cloud in 2014″. With that in mind we will: •    Meet with you and review your current telecom and IT environment. •    Agree to a plan of action and develop an RFP, an RFQ or   solicit quotes from at least 3 vendors. Click the video at left to quickly understand what we can do for you, email prs@auaus.net


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Are Your Utility Bills Correct? Who Checks Them for Accuracy? Do You or Your Staff Have the Ability to Keep Track? We Have 38+ Years of Experience Solving Problems Just Like Yours. Email Us.

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We will conduct a complete review of your workers’ compensation premiums including policies, premium audits, experience rating modifications, retrospective adjustments, plan contracts, rates, classifications, payrolls and any other premium factors, adjustments or calculations which may generate refunded premiums or credits from your carrier(s) for your company and all subsidiaries. We will also review each policy to ensure that the proper discounts and other modifiers have been applied. If we find that changes should be made, we will request the carrier(s) to issue the appropriate refund or credit. Email Us.

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Do You Want To Reduce Your It, Telecom & Internet Costs? Do You Want to Reduce Your IT, Telecom & Internet Costs? Do You Need a More Efficient Communication System? Are You Considering a Move to the Cloud? Email Us Or Visit Our Dedicated Telecoms Website.

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Our affiliated risk management consultants recognize the inherent conflict of interest that exists between the company buying insurance and their insurance brokers, agents or insurance companies who are driven by the need to sell insurance products. As risk management professionals, who do not sell insurance, these consultants provide objective and unbiased advice to clients to identify risk and assist in the reduction of the total cost of risk in the areas of insurance coverage, claims administration and settlement, and contract issues in all areas of the client’s  business.  For example, the consultants will audit your insurance program to recommend the implementation of the most optimal and cost effective risk management programs available in the insurance marketplace based on risk management strategies that may not be recommended by your insurance providers.  Email Us.

Why Call Applied Consulting Group?

→ We work on contingency (and have for over 15 years).  We find savings for over 75% of our clients.  We don’t sell anything, we simply find savings and refunds.


How Safe Are Your Backups?

It may seem silly to wonder how safe your backups are; backups are rarely thought of as being at risk. It stems back to a time when backups were on tape—a medium that would be tough for even skilled developers to hack. But today’s backups are stored (whether...

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Why on-sight servers are going the way of the DODO Bird

Learn why many organizations are leveraging forward-looking best practices from the experts at our vendors to help them transition to an ITaaS structure. This guide examines the critical business and technology practices enabling ITaaS, from using flexible IT partner...

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Does your phone system have 250,000 miles on it?

What is the worst that can happen if you keep you premise based phone and IT system? My company has been in the telecom business since in 1974. Premise based systems were the only show in town. You had all the equipment on-site and you had to set side real ester to...

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