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IT Employee training is necessary after updating software and implementing new technologies. Training is the process of improving employees’ skills, talents, and knowledge to accomplish their jobs well. It benefits both employers and workers of a company. If an employee is skillful, he will become more efficient and productive.

Hence, a process and analysis firm like the Applied Consulting Group can help in the IT training process and onboarding.
Upgrading Technology Requires Upgraded Skills
Let’s understand this with an example.

An Applied Consulting Group client is a top 50 accounting business with various offices and around 220 employees. They just implemented a new Microsoft 365 after migrating from a “conventional” remote desktop. This was an excellent chance to update some IT skills and assist users in making the most of their new IT environment.

Due to the wide range of expertise and skill among its user base, the company lacked a full-time internal IT training resource and faced a very broad training demand. Previously, training was delivered informally inside a department or office, and the link between training, adoption, and efficiency was not completely understood.

While partners were aware of the current predicament, they had not yet tackled training as a firm-wide initiative. Hence, there was a replication of bad working habits, with personnel applying their own solutions and fixes to the IT difficulties they faced, reducing the utility of systems and increasing simply avoidable user dissatisfaction. As a result, the IT staff could not provide precise input on underlying issues.
So, What is the Solution?
Today IT solution providers are making it easy for firms to transit through technical training and skills seamlessly. Whether you are looking for telecom audit, cloud services, VOIP telecom audit, or managed services, companies like Applied Consulting Group can offer it all.

For instance, in the case mentioned earlier, Applied Consulting Firm made certain that IT training was deployed precisely where it was needed to boost confidence and productivity. The goal was for it to be perceived as a productive use of time instead of an undesirable diversion from client-facing activities. It conducted a training requirements analysis to determine user demands and acquire an accurate notion of which areas to prioritize before designing and delivering a training plan to every user.

To keep the time commitment acceptable, ACG provided training to all users in precisely customized bitesize sessions. These workshops were well-attended, with positive comments from users at all levels. They have delivered an immediate return by giving some quick takeaways and shortcuts. Even for skilled users, expanding people’s understanding of the number of capabilities inside Excel, for example, has been a “game-changer.”

Take-up has been strong at all levels, resulting in a better grasp of how long any given piece of work should take to complete. In other circumstances, this has clarified previously unreasonable expectations, increasing worker trust.
The introduction of firm-specific user manuals has reduced frustration inside support lines. Staff now have more confidence in the fact that any technical questions they may have daily may be swiftly and readily resolved by referring to the material we have supplied.