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Subject: New Building and your PSE&G bill.

My company may help you receive credits directly from your utility on your electric bill regardless of who you use for supply. We do not offer supply agreements, our process focuses on the service supplied by PSE&G, ConEd, JCP&L and other utility companies in the United States.

It has been my experience that when a building has new electric service installed, or a move to a different building occurs, the utility may not offer the lowest rate.  You may be in the correct rate group, but how do you know for sure?  Utilities are not obligated; in fact, they state it is not their responsibility to ensure that the customer is in the correct rate as per the tariff on file.

In addition to the above rate issue we look at past bills for errors, or bad meter reads. We have saved money for building owners such as NJIT ($150,000) Kushner, Vornado, First Jersey, and Hilton Realty of Princeton, churches, restaurants such as Checkers, schools such as Memorial Day Nursery in Paterson, companies such as Kyocera MIta ($750,000), The Borough of East Rutherford, and many other businesses throughout the U.S. 

It has been said that 15% of the electric meters in use today are inaccurate, which are a source of refunds for our clients?  I have secured refunds ranging from $1,500.00 to $750,000.00 for my clients.  70% of the time we find refunds.

I hope to speak with you soon.

Paul Reed Steberger

Paul Reed Steberger, President


As of 1-2019 we just completed another review for NJIT, and they saved approximately $125,000.00 net.