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Jersey City Water Department Denies Deserved Refunds

As Utility Auditors, part of our job is to discover overcharges and to request the appropriate refunds on our clients’ behalves. 

Not long ago, we were hired by a strip mall owner on a contingency basis, to determine why their water bills had increased by an outrageous $5,000 a month. 

Leak Detection is a valuable tool in situations like these where it is apparent the water is not being used to the extent that the bill is suggesting. We were able to quickly determine the location of the leak and the source of the overcharge and immediately notified the Jersey City Water Department or, JCMUA (above).

However, unlike other  water  departments we have dealt with, (and we’ve dealt with many)  the J.C.U.M.A would only provide a 55% refund, and not the full 100% our  client was  entitled to. Are they to spend what little refund they have trying to sue the taxpayers of Jersey City?

Luckily, this case was an anomaly. Our company has a proven track record of obtaining full refunds for our clients. The best part? For our clients, we always say, “No Refund – No Charge”

What do you have to lose but more money down the drain by not giving us a call?

If you have had a water leak in the last 6 years…

Or your water and utility bills are simply much too high for your usage… 

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Expensive Cisco Call Manager Upgrades: Is There Another Way?

Hosted  Telecom’s Cisco Call Manager  has  become a bit expensive when compared to hosted solutions that are now available. 

Cisco  lead  the  way years ago in managed VoIP services, but  their yearly upgrades have  adversely impacted telecom budgets. 

Companies with Cisco phones have had little option but to buy in to every upgrade.

Finally, there is a way for companies to  keep their Cisco phones and move to a cloud based system at  reduced cost with more features.

Moving into the present era, you can now use your PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone and Bluetooth headsets to make and receive calls.

As a Telecom Consulting Firm with many years in the business, we can review your needs and determine the best course of action for your future telecom needs.

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What is BYOD – & Why Should You Embrace It?

BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, offers many benefits for businesses and professionals such as mobile access, cost savings and increased productivity

The BYOD concept encourages employees to bring their own  mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and laptops. 

Businesses have adopted the BYOD concept for many reasons. While some critics have raised concerns, this trend continues to climb. 

Call us  so we can provide interesting data that can help you decide if BYOD is right for you.