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info on the common cold

Common implies that there’s a single ordinary pathogen to blame for your runny nose, coughing, and mild fatigue. Actually, there’s a huge array of viruses—­more than 200 of them—that induce colds, each with its own means of evading your body’s defenses. For this reason alone, it’s unlikely that a catchall “cure for the common cold” will ever be found. These are crazy cold symptoms you probably never knew about.

When you get sick, your body doesn’t want to do anything other than tackle the virus. 
If you do ignore the symptoms and go about your normal routine, the cold can have an even more negative impact on your health—and your brain. In a study of nearly 200 people published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, researchers found that those with colds reported poor alertness, a negative mood, and psycho­motor slowing—their thought processes were muddied, and their reaction times were slower than those of healthy folks. (This is how long a cold lasts.)


Information on one of our vendors.. we only deal with the best

We are a publicly traded $150 million co with approx. 300 employees. (and this is not counting our acquisition of Birch Communications which is closing very soon and they are larger in size that us)We own our network and we own our platform, we are not reselling other co’s platforms.Our Hosted platform is 12+ years old and best news for them is we happen to be local in Fairfield NJ on Rt 46 which is where we roll our own truck with our own people for the installs.We are 24x7x365 and we have 2 NOC’s (one in NJ, not that that really matters) that are also 7x24x365 and our NOC’s are in the US and Fusion manned.


Although most of our base is what I consider small to medium size clients we have amazing large co’s that are our clients who have done their due dillegence before signing up with us. They can see a lot of very impressive names on our Website.

I recently sold the NYS Bridge Authority 200 Hosted phones as well as some circuits.

We do everything for Metro North, we’ve provided all the circuits to the US Census in the past.

They are very welcome to come to our office and we can offer them a demo and I can show them around and I guarantee they will be impressed.

Make sure they spend some time looking at our Website.


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