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The Morning Download: American CIO Shifts to New Flight Operating System

By Steve Rosenbush
Good morning. The three-year effort to integrate the IT systems of American Airlines and the former US Airways reaches another milestone this weekend as American shifts the planes and pilots to a single operating system. They will use American’s massive flight operating system, which runs 500 applications. WSJ’s Susan Carey has the story.
American CIO Maya Leibman says the effort is even larger than the integration of reservation and frequent-flyer programs, both of which went smoothly. Flight attendants will be transitioned onto FOS later. Once that occurs, “we’ll be 75% done on merger integration,” she said. Next up: merging separate IT systems used by mechanics. If that isn’t enough work, Ms. Liebman also manages a massive shift to the cloud[ps1] , as CIO Journal reported earlier this month. 
The goal, of course, isn’t IT integration but business integration. Going forward, pilots from both pre-merger companies can fly in the same cockpit. How are your IT integrations going? Let us know.

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