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 Integrated Mobility Solutions empowers your employees with one single interface to connect from the office, home, or the road. The solutions provide consistent access on the go, more effective team collaboration and faster response times to your co-workers, clients and partners. With  Mobility solutions you can work from anywhere. Easily access your employees on the go – via email, phone or chat


Why Mobility?

  • Increase workplace flexibility – let your employees work from anywhere.
  • Enable your employees to be reachable real-time.
  • Improve collaboration and drive innovation in your business.

How can  Mobility help you?

  • It simplifies user experience: Use your mobile device the same way as your desk phone.
  • It improves customer satisfaction: With  Integrated Mobility you can always be reached by your customers with a single phone call.
  • It brings savings: With Mobility Integration you can eliminate desk phones for your mobile employees.

Sprint Mobile Integration

CallTower – Sprint Mobile Integration (SMI) allows you to have your desktop, home office and mobile phone fully integrated so that you can work from your home, office or on the road seamlessly.
SMI will simplify your life with:

  • One Phone Number: You can be reached with a single phone number that rings both your desk and cell phone.
  • Simple Extension Dialing: Just dial 4 digits to reach any office extension from your cell phone.  Others in your office can reach you by dialing your 4-digit extension no matter where you are at.  Your location does not matter it is as if you are always in the office.
  • One Voicemail: Have your cell voicemail centralized in your corporate email inbox. Plus have access to text conversions of your voice messages.
  • Integrated Calling: Easily move from mobile to desk phones to get the most out of mobility.

CallTower Complete 2013 for Lync Mobile

CallTower Complete 2013 for Lync gives you the freedom to stay connected on the go. CallTower Complete 2013 for Lync is supported for iOS, Windows Mobile and Android devices.

  • VoIP, conferencing and video and calls can be made and received from all CallTower Complete 2013 for Lync Mobile devices.
  • Presence status updates can be published and viewed from all supported mobile devices.
  • Instant messaging can be done from all supported mobile devices.
  • Custom notes, including out-of-office status, can be added from all supported mobile devices.
  • Full contact lists and groups are available to view and search from all supported mobile devices.