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Over Your Head in Overhead Costs? We Can Fix That!
We Have Been Helping Companies Reduce cost and Improve Telecom for Over 40 Years.
We are totally agnostic as to the solution you need.
• Do you know all the telecom options available?
• Are you relying on a vendor to tell you what you need?
• Are you doing all the legwork to discern the differences between all the vendors?
Do you know the reputations of the various telecommunication companies? Applied Consulting Group knows the industry inside and out. Whether your business is at one location with 5 phone lines, or an international company with locations around the world, our group will expertly assess the needs of your organization and guide you to the best options available.

Perhaps you just need to reduce your telecom and IT costs or wonder if you are being billed correctly. A large percentage of our clients are billed incorrectly. Managed services can reduce and fix your budget at a definite annual budget number.
So whether you are trying to reduce you’re IT / Telecom/ Internet costs, are looking for a new carrier, a new telecom system, an internet solution, or simply want to review your current bills– we can help.
With over 40 years’ experience in telecom consulting, installation and auditing, we are well positioned to provide solutions to many telecom problems, issues or situations..
We can consult and /or generate an RFP (request for proposal) and solicit bids in the following areas: Local and Long-Distance service/VoIP service with the best carrier for your specific requirements.
We are not aligned with any carrier or service provider. We analyze your bills and seek refunds and lower rates, either with your current carrier/service provider, or with one or more companies that can provide you with the services you need at a price that fits your budget. We have a proven track record of securing refunds and lower rates for our clients.

Telephone system design/bid, either Hosted or Non-Hosted solutions. Also: broadband requirements via internet, Fiber, etc, FIOS, DSL, or Ethernet. Take advantage of the high security and reliability of a data center to host critical infrastructure, with fully dedicated power and network access ensuring uninterrupted service.

Whether you have 5 phones in one office or 2000 phones around the globe, we can help find the right system for you. In addition, we provide call-handling solutions including, but not limited to, automated systems and call center design. We also devote resources to departmental call handling needs and goals, as well as proper interfacing to your customers We provided one of the first private telephone systems to a public school in Northern New Jersey in 1974.

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