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For those who don’t follow South Jersey News, Today’s Article outlined the options for utility customers who find errors in their utility bills.

The  article outlines the difficulty in dealing with a utility company that can easily get upwards of 2000 complaints a day.

Stefanie Brand, director of New Jersey’s Division of Rate Counsel, recommends that customers  record conversations with a company’s customer service to ensure that proof of a conversation is available. “I would strongly recommend taking careful notes of exactly who you are speaking with and the details of the conversation, and if you have to go to the board, then you can provide that information. You want to know your customer service rep, record what they’re saying, and if you’re unable to resolve it with the company, you have the right to file with the BPU.”

It’s a strenuous process. Especially for businesses who, in addition to billing errors, are often in the wrong rate group all together with no knowledge to know the difference. Luckily there is a better way. If you believe you may be facing billing errors, contact Applied Utility Auditors today and let them deal with the utility’s bureaucracy