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All Call  Centers Are Not Created  Equal.

All Call Centers Are Not Created Equal.

Our cloud-based call center provides an agent with pertinent information, and Our Call Center enables businesses to unify and simplify their call center operations with a hosted solution that includes advanced ACD and PBX features, voice and data services, multiple integrations and upgrade options, and 24×7 management. Operate your call center without geographical boundaries and the IT hassles of on-going system maintenance. Fully integrated with Evolve IP’s Unified Communications and HPBX services, the Evolved Call Center is designed to provide an enterprise-class solution for Call Centers anywhere in the world – with no hardware, software, or up-front capital expenditure.

The Call Center Web Agent is a web-based application that provides web-based, point-and-click call control, ACD state functions (sign-in, sign-out, unavailable, available, and wrap-up, etc.), and emergency escalation. This client gives agents access to the company directory, call logs, and supervisor availability for escalation. Agents can view call information such as calls in queue and how long the caller has waited. With Web Agent, disposition codes can be assigned to track such items as special promotions and reports can be created regarding agents’ performance metrics.

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