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What is the worst that can happen if you keep you premise based phone and IT system?

My company has been in the telecom business since in 1974. Premise based systems were the only show in town. You had all the equipment on-site and you had to set side real ester to for
these systems, and supply local power and surge protection
According to Frost and Sullivan 90% of all new telecom systems will be Cloud Based in 2020.

You can keep your current system however;
• Your vendor can enter bankruptcy or be purchased by a competitor that may or may not support future software upgrades.
• You can continue investing in parts and service contracts for system that will one day be obsolete.
• The next time you have a power surge, or a power failure and a component fail, you will be spending money essentially on a car with 250,000 miles on it.
• Avaya is bankrupt, Toshiba is gone, Shortel was purchased. Asatru was purchased, and phone systems were discontinued. Is NEC next?
• What system do you have? What is the future of your system?

With a Cloud based systems phones calls are free, you can have an upgrade every three years. There is no equipment onsite to deal with. Your cell phone can become an extension of your desk phone. Your tablet has access to all your files.

Telecom and IT Services

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For over 30 years we have provided advances telecom and IT solutions to business like yours. Now with the advent of the “CLOUD” we can provide these solutions with no CAPEX, and for the most part at lower monthly cost then you now have. Additionally, 95% of the time our fees are paid by our indirect channel partners, such as AT&T, Cisco, Verizon, Alteva, EvolveIP, and over 50 other Telecom, and IT partners. There is no fee to you.
At the very least we can consolidate your POTS lines to secure a discount and provide one bill for all your lines.
Contingency Auditing

Our contingency auditing services review telecom bills, utility bills, workers’ comp. and many other everyday bills you pay. We secure refunds and future savings in most of our bill reviews. If we find no refunds or errors, you will at a minimum know that your bills are correct, and we will not bill you. I would like to set up a brief meeting to discuss how we may help you, or sometime in the future. Give us a call to see if we can be of help.