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Are you over your head in overhead? Applied Utility Auditors has numerous solutions.

We consult on a range of issues important to you such as utility bill auditing, energy consulting, telecom solutions,internet access, and telephone systems. We deal with issues such as water/sewer rates, and refunds, electric rates, natural gas, solar power solutions, and financing of same; regional mall, and strip mall management review and needs assessment. We also are expert in discovering water leaks and repairing same. Whether your supplier is United Water, Newark Water, the Jersey City Water Dept., or you have issues from Maine to Florida and points west, we can help. We work to insure that our clients receive appropriate credits and or refunds from the responsible utility. With over 30 years of experience our goal is to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

We can work with you staff and enhance your current efforts related to energy issues or we can take over the entire utility audit/cost process. It should be noted that utility rates are open to interpretation. We explore the gray areas as well as determine if you are in the correct rate group. Utility rates change often, and your utility/ telecom provider is under no obligation to provide you with a newer, lower rate. As part of our review we ask you to provide us with a letter of authorization so we may review your usage and or billing history.This helps us examine
for errors and refunds. Just as important, we can determine if you are eligible for a rate group
change, a rider, or discount that you have not been made aware of. We provide the options
available to you in writing, and we will provide an estimate of future savings. Any changes in rate group etc.,
will of course require your approval.

To conclude, we do not sell any product related to utility use so we can look at solutions based on the
best fit for you, our client. Any invoice from our company will be based on actual refunds, savings, or
credits, and not on projected or nebulous savings.
We are only paid if you receive refunds, credits, or lower rates. So what are you waiting for? 
Call us at 877-209-0021 or Email Paul Steberger of AUA