(888) 208-0020 prs@auaus.net

You can also use TEAMS with USA based support with a Cisco telecom system tied to it , or                           bring your own telecom system to us to manage for you .

877.208.0021 call or  text 941.900.6220

  • Make and receive phone calls from your home, using your business line, home phone , or  mobile  with no hardware required.
  • Video conference with your patients, students and clients without bulky setup processes or user accounts required.  Connect with one or many at once!
  • Share screens with others to collaborate on documents and apps such as Excel, Quick-books, or anything you have on your PC/MAC for work.
  • Engage employees in group chats to stay connected and in sync.
  • One-click dial other remote colleagues and contacts.
  • Use Microsoft  Teams, Cisco  or other systems to do this.

We  will hold  seminars over  the next  few  weeks, and we  will send dates  to you.

You can also call or  email to set up a one on one session.

877 208 0020 prs@auaus.net call or  text 941.900.06220