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Verizon Charging More for Less? New York Residents Look Out.

Bullet Points: “Verizon Allowed To Charge Customers More For ‘Deteriorating’ Service Due To Deregulation, Petition Claims

By Thomas Halleck on July 10 2014 10:45 AM 
Verizon Overcharging Customers for Bad Service?
  •  Petition Claims Verizon is Overcharging Customers for Deteriorating Services
  • Verizon misses deadline to connect all 5 Boroughs to its Fiber-Optic Network
  • Millions still reliant on copper wire connections that the petition claims are not properly maintained. 
  • Verizon Regional Director John Bonomo speaks out.
  • Interesting quote: “Telecommunications providers tout the reliability of fiber optic networks, and the marketplace is full of claims for the desirability of wireless service,” the petition said. “But millions of New Yorkers continue to rely on a network that runs on copper for voice and data services. That copper network is becoming increasingly deteriorated, is not adequately maintained, and the quality of service received by millions of people in the State is getting worse each year.” READ MORE 

    Our analysis: Consumers should understand that hurricanes as devastating as Irene and Sandy were to NYC are understandably going to cause delays in ANYTHING having to do with the polls. As for fiber optics… as great as they are – the technology is being developed to far surpass fiber-optic networks – without running wires. (Much better for the environment and our natural resources.) Let’s not insist these companies sink money into dying technology while they are racing to bring is faster wifi than we ever dreamed possible.

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Water Bills Gone Mad: Water & Sewer Fees – $10,000 for 3 months??

A man forced to pay over $10,000 on a water bill for water he never used.

Kirit Kothari, of Cedar Grove, N.J., isn’t an abnormally thirsty person. Nor does he have an exorbitantly large lawn or garden — nor, for that matter, a personal water park in his backyard.
But somehow, according to a bill he’s received from the Cedar Grove township’s water department, he owed $10,457.90 for water and sewer fees incurred through January, February, and March of 2011. That adds up to nearly 1,000,000 gallons of water for a home of two people. For comparison, an Olympic-sized swimming pools holds about 630,000 gallons…Read More on this and Other Crazy Water Bill Stories from the Huffington Post Here.

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