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• Contingency Based utility and telecom auditing. “No Refund, No Charge”
• Insurance risk analysis, and Workers Comp. refunds savings
• We have saved large and small business many thousands of dollars with no up-front fees.
• Network design and implementation, with AT&T, Verizon, Windstream, Broadband Providers and other carriers in your area.
• Telecom/ IT consulting to simplify and reduce CAPEX for your computer and software systems.
When you have a legal issue, you call your lawyer. You rely on your CPA to advise on taxes.
They have the expertise you don’t have in house.
IT software and hardware have such varied solutions today that you need our expertise just as you rely on that provided by your lawyer and CPA. For over 30 years our group has provided expert solutions for business.
We can help you determine which solutions are best for you.
Gartner Reports states that “80% of all companies will have some or all services in the cloud in 2014”. With that in mind we will:
• Meet with you and review your current telecom and IT environment.
• Agree to a plan of action and develop an RFP, an RFQ or solicit quotes from at least 3 vendors.
95% of our clients save money, and there is no fee to our clients. Through our Channel Partner alliances,
We have helped our clients upgrade over 1500 systems, and 90% were upgraded with savings we found.
Let us find your savings and improved systems.


Paul Reed Steberger 877 208 0021 prs@auaus.net