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Good Morning Paul,

I credited account #2DG29572 in the amount of $4,223.50 which posted to that account on 12/16/14 for the time period of 01/17/14 through 11/26/14 for the incorrect pricing.

In order to possibly provide you further credit for the dropped pricing/contract rates; we would need to submit for a Settlement. If you are interested in a possible Settlement; please let me know and I will submit for approval to begin the Settlement process.

To track the status of this request, visit the Verizon Enterprise Center online at https://enterprisecenter.verizon.com. If you are not already registered, simply click the “enroll now” button to register.

Thank you for choosing Verizon.

Charles V

Customer Care | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

5 Things Auditors Look for in a Telecom Bill Audit

5 Things Auditors Look for in a Telecom Bill Audit

A healthy business requires a clear understanding of expenses and where leakage may occur and be stopped. Because of the complexity and expense of telecom bills in the digital era, especially for larger SMBs and Enterprise, conducting a telecom bill audit is more important than ever.

Consider this scenario: your accounts payable department receives your telecom bill, and it contains hundreds of pages, including your wired and wireless bills. Does your AP department review each page and check for mistakes, or do they simply pay it because they do not have the time to review it in detail? If your answer is the latter, and bills are paid month after month without scrutiny, you have no idea if and by how much you are being overcharged. The fact is that over 75 percent of telecom bills have errors. This is where a telecom bill audit comes into play.

What Exactly is a Telecom Bill Audit?

A telecom bill audit is a thorough analysis of your overall bill, your telecom tariff, your contracts for telecom, and your expenses. An expert auditor will look at your wireless and wires service charges, taxes, surcharges, and any fees associated with your bill. They will also seek out tax exemptions on each line item of your bill. 

Understanding Your Telecom Bill Audit

For most businesses, telecommunications are one of the largest expenses they have, after payroll and rent. If you are not conducting regular telecom audits, it is likely that you are overpaying, probably in many areas of your bill. Here are some questions you should consider when deciding on a provider for a telecom audit:

What Are the Benefits to My Business of a Telecom Bill Audit?

Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of businesses have errors on their telecom bills, and those errors almost always benefit the provider. A professional telecom auditor will comb through every detail of your telecom bill and find those errors, potentially saving you thousands of dollars per year.

Are There Risks Involved in a Telecom Bill Audit?

There are two primary concerns to a business owner when hiring a telecom bill auditor: will my business be disrupted, and will this cost me an exorbitant amount?

If you hire a professional, experienced telecom auditor, the answer to both questions is most definitely “no.” A professional telecom auditing team will have a method and can even conduct much of the auditing process off site. And considering that over 80 percent of businesses overpay for their telecommunications, the audit is likely to save rather than cost you money.

Here Are 5 Things Our Telecom Bill Auditors Look For

When we review your telecom bills, we do not simply look at individual bills, we analyze peak calling times, your long distance and roaming charges, internet expenses and any other charges that you incur. Our auditors will look for:

  • Bills that are meant for another business (this happens often)
  • Usage beneath your plan
  • Usage running over your plan.
  • Multiple bills for the same line item
  • Bills for disconnected or discontinued services

We also review your contracts line by line and determine what exemptions you may not be benefiting from. Our industry experience will allow us to quickly spot charges that are out of line or irregular.

The Changing Pace of Business and Telecommunications

With digital transformation, the pace of change of business is continually accelerating. It may be that your business has upgraded their internet speed, or, with remote work, you face exploding mobile phone expenses. Perhaps you are now responsible for internet bills at your employees’ home offices.

Our auditors can make suggestions to your contract and how you provide telecom to your remote workforce, and you will no longer be at the mercy of the all too fast changes in the marketplace. By taking charge and gaining a thorough insight into your telecom expenses, you can reduce expenses and give you a clearer picture of your yearly expenses.

To learn more about a telecom bill audit or to schedule a consultation, contact us by email, or call us at (888) 208-0020.


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Telecommunications Bill Auditing & Cost Recovery


Our telecom bill auditing discovers and obtains refunds as well as reduces your future bills.
All we need is one month’s bill and we do the rest.
You will reduce your telecom/ internet bills or we are not paid our contingency fee.
We have over 38 years of telecom experience which enables us to expertly review you r telecom bills from all carriers/ internet providers. We examine bills and contracts including AT&T, Paetec, Sprint, Verizon, and Broadview to name a few.  We have an excellent track record in finding errors / solutions for the following: 
AT&T ABN contract review and billing error discovery.
The ABN bill in our opinion is very complex and difficult to understand. We recently reviewed an AT&T ABN bill and, secured over $100, 00.00 in refunds for an international co. based in NJ.  See other customer stories. 
Renegotiate carrier contracts including AT&T ABN contracts, Paetec, Sprint, Verizon etc
We  have  secured  contract  price reductions   exceeding  $60,00.00 per year on  two  and 3 year   AT&T ABN contracts. Also a  recent  review of  a 50 employee New Jersey  company,  with  a $3,000.00 monthly telecom/internet bill, yielded a 32%  monthly savings  or $12,000.00 per year.
Eliminate excess capacity and lines that you are paying for.
We find that more than 50% of the companies we audit/consult for have either the wrong services or circuits and 30 telephone lines. One client only required 1 T1 and 12 telephone lines. The savings were over $1,500.00 per month.
We designed one of the first private interconnected telephone system for a public school in Northern New Jersey in 1974. 
This provided a feature rich solution while saving over 20% in annual costs. We designed/consulted for thousands of lines to the business community, the health care industry [nursing homes, and the assisted living industry].
We developed a software solution for the health care industry
This integrates the low voltage systems [alarms, fire and smoke, door entry control, and wireless monitoring systems] as a turnkey solution. This provides a cost saving solution as well as addressing a life safety issue in that any LCD telephone becomes an auxiliary annunciator panel            

The Utility Audit Process: Kyocera Mita vs. AT&T

Applied Utility Auditors was able to secure a refund for three years of bill errors from AT&T to Kyocera Mita, with over $72,000.00 ultimately refunded to the client.

The beauty of this? Had they not gotten a refund, they never would have paid a dime for our services. Having used Applied Utility Auditors, they had $72,000 back in their bank accounts where it belonged. It’s a no-brainer.
To learn more about the audit process, click here.
Or Contact Paul Steberger Directly.  (877)208-0021

Is Your Phone System Limiting Productivity?

At Applied Utility Auditors and Applied Telecom Solutions, we work with a number of vendors to be sure that you are always getting the exact service you need at the best price possible. We don’t believe in sacrificing quality – or money.

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Companies such as Alteva are constantly moving with the times to provide better service at better rates than you ever though possible. To review your current Telecom Services, Contact Paul Steberger of Applied Telecom Solutions Today. 


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This is NOT the kind of surprise most businesses want to find in the mail. A seven-person architecture firm in Georgia can attest to that. TW Telecom, in late March, experienced a 44-hour security take-down. During that time, the firm’s international calling plan was hacked.

In the digital age, telecom hacking has become an increasing problem for small businesses. According to our source story, the Communications Fraud Control Association found that global losses from telephone fraud in 2013 totaled an estimated $46.3 billion — up $6.95 billion from 2011.

Not all frauds are easy to catch. If your business regularly makes and receives calls in and out of the country – these instances can become more difficult to catch.

If you believe you may be getting overcharged for telecom services, it is important to contact experts who can audit your bills and recover your funds. Luckily, the better Telecom Bill Recovery Services will work on a contingency basis.

I have been helping companies reduce their telecom costs for over 30 years. If you would like your telecom contracts thoroughly reviewed by a seasoned expert with a consistent record of securing savings, contact me today.

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